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Iotegral is one of the pioneers of IoT in Eastern India. Our mission is to transform India into a technologically advanced nation and provide sustainable IoT solutions to real-world problems. Apart from developing IoT products and solutions, we also provide IoT training where students work on live fascinating projects that enables them to transform everyday objects into smart IoT devices.


Connecting machines &
devices across industries

What We offer


IoT Products

From GPS to Cloud-based Printer, our products are built to provide solution to real-world challenges.


IoT Training

Gain hands-on experience by working on live fascinating projects and become the best in the IoT space.


IoT Solutions

We partner with software companies and provide IoT solutions to enhance their projects.

IOTizing Automobiles
The application of IoT in automobiles is endless. From connected car solutions to real-time monitoring and tracking, IoT is not just making vehicles smarter, safer and intelligent but at the same time turning fleet management simpler than ever before. IoTvision is an AIS-140 vehicle tracking system certified by ARAI. It is built with the aim to support the Govt. of India initiative to make travel safer for the public. It also comes with a panic button that helps the passengers to alert the nearest police station in case of emergency.
IOTizing Data Analytics
IoT devices helps gather meaningful data about a physical environment through the help of sensors. The data can then be analyzed or combined with other forms of data to detect patterns. iAltimeter is an altitude measuring device but enabled with IoT. It not only displays the data of a physical environment but directly transfer the data to servers through cloud. The data can further be analyzed or combined with other sets of data to derive data patterns. The product has already got global recognition and will soon be utilized to identify illegal constructions.
IOTizing Retail
Enhancing customer experience through automated checkout, robot employees, personalized discounts and much more. It also helps reduce inventory error and improve supply chain management. iSlip printer, is a very unique printer that allows you to access the device from anywhere across the world. It is very useful for retail industry in automating prints from the shop floor to the warehouse. Even the restaurant industry can beat the rush during peak hours by automating orders directly to the kitchen and auto-generating bills once the order is fulfilled.

Authorized Partners

Grapes Designs is the authorized and exclusive marketing partner for all IoT solutions and training developed at IoTegral. To learn more about the business opportunities and benefits visit: www.grapesdesigns.in

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