The smart looking iSense Kitchen is primarily designed to detect and monitor the level of LPG gas in the air. This highly sensitive device alerts the users as soon as the level of LPG gas is above the threshold value. The IoT based wireless device is based entirely on cloud server and alerts the customers, anywhere across the globe through the devoted mobile app and SMS on the registered contact numbers.

What makes the device unique?

The device not only detects the leakage but also alerts the registered customers constantly unless any action is taken. The device also comes with a smart display which displays time, weather status and internet connectivity status. Most importantly,customers donot require a smart phone necessarily to get notified. As the device notifies by firing SMS as well!

Device Features:


Device calibrates itself to the desired level automatically.


Supports WiFi.

Gas Alarm

Equipped with a high dB buzzer and a display which are triggered as soon as gas is detected.

Non-stop alerts

Notifies by the mobile app and SMS non-stop unless an action is taken.

Weather Station

Displays weather condition.


Tags the customer with the leakage status all the time,anywhere across the globe.

Smart Clock

Displays the time.

No smart phone

Notifies the customer via SMS so the customer doesn’t necessarily require a smart phone for staying notified.


Firmware is update and upgraded on regular intervals using OTA method.



Domestic Use

In service industries often situation occurs where you need to maintain long queues, for example hospitals. This can help to automatically produce tokens and slips against a customer and prevent long queues.



The device enables the industry to easily and efficiently manage the order and delivery of goods in the complete supply chain process.


Restaurants/ Domestic Canteens

The device can help restaurants in various ways. Like, auto routing of orders directly to the kitchen and direct printing of bills before delivery.


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Avail max. benefits by becoming our Exclusive Distributor or Regional Distributor.


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