iSurveyor is designed specifically to benefit the real estate community. The main objective of the cloud based device is to establish a secured IoT based network to prevent any unauthorised and illegal construction. It is equipped with a high precision GPS, altimeter and distance finder. The wireless device, operating on an active internet connection and controlled by a mobile app, replaces the manual measuring methods with digitalised methods of measuring field parameters. The passed plan is compared and analysed with the estates.

What makes the device unique?

The most unique feature of this device is that the measured data cannot be tampered any way. One can retake the measurements, if not satisfied, but there is no way to modify or alter the data. The data and the test results are sent securely directly to the legal control centre. The interactive mobile app and the smart display makes it very easy for the users to operate the device.

Device Features:

High precision

Equipped with accurate and highly precise measuring units.

Highly secured

Ensures secured transmissions of data to the control centre.


Measurements can no way be tampered or modified and are transferred very securely.


Portable and wireless.


Device traces the geo-location as soon as the device is switched on.


Can be accessed securely from the control centres directly which can be located anywhere.

Robust mobile app

Robust mobile app to manage data logs.

Long Battery Life

1800 mAh Li-Po battery.


Firware upgraded at regular intervals using F-OTA method.



Real Estate

Can be used by field engineers to measure different field parameters and can compare the data with authorised passed plans..


Civil Engineering

This can be used to Used by field engineer to measure different field parameters


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Avail max. benefits by becoming our Exclusive Distributor or Regional Distributor.


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