iBIKE – Bike Security System

Best Bike Security System with Mobile Application​

iBike is a smart two wheeler security anti-theft lock to protect your vehicle from all possible thefts . It is unlike any bike GPS tracker available in the market, which is costly and tracking of own two wheeler seems unnecessary. 


The simple and highly efficient iBike anti-theft device can be easily controlled with the iBike mobile application. It provides users with the power to control and manage access to their two wheelers , just with the click of a button. Additionally, as an extra layer of security, when someone tries to move or tamper with your two wheeler, the alarm turns on.

What makes the iBike - Bike Security System Unique?

Rather than any traditional mechanical lock, this smart electronic bike security lock uses ignition cut technology. Our smart gyroscope-based alarming system and user-friendly mobile application, ensures robust security to your two wheeler. With the help of the mobile application of the iBike – bike security system,  the users can lock and unlock their bike, share his or her bike access with friends and enable or disable the gyroscope alarming system. Once the iBike anti theft device is installed in your two wheeler, even the thieves cannot steal your bike with the actual key of your two wheeler.

Key Features:



supports WIFI based API network for robust local connectivity


Mobile Application

user-friendly and simple UI makes users to operate the app comfortably

user icon

Permission sharing

hassle-free permission sharing makes user management more easy than ever before



it ensures robust security with ignition cut technology

speaker (1)


smart gyroscope-based alarming system ensures accurate alarming over traditional bike alarm system



fully compatible with any electric, hybrid and fuel-based two wheelers

service industry

Add Unlimited Vehicles

monitor and control all your two wheelers through a single mobile dashboard


Low power consumption

uses smart sleep technology that consumes very less power when the vehicle is locked with the app


Zero renewal charge

unlike other gps tracker for bikes, this device comes with absolutely zero renewal cost


personal scooter

Personal Two wheeler

since bike and other two wheeler theft is on the rise, it’s very important for owners to add a layer of hi-tech security.

delivery icon

Two-wheeler delivery service

most delivery service professionals are on their toe and time-bound. High chances of leaving the keys in the bike. Since phones are what they use to track delivery addresses, thus a mobile app solution to lock their two wheelers becomes a perfect fit  to secure their vehicle.

rental bike

Two wheeler rental service or bike taxis

can use the device to control access to the bike, as riders at service might use the same bike in different shifts.

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