iSlip Cloud Printer

iCloud Printer is a standalone,autonomous printer which can be configured as per customer’s requirement. The printer is an entirely cloud based which can operate without human intervention. It can be operated from anywhere across the globe. The device requires an active internet connection to work and can be connected to any available internet connection.


What makes the device unique?

The device doesnot require any third party application as it has its own configurable firmware. What
more? The device has a devoted mobile application which can be used for configuring making it highly
user friendly.
Also,it is connected to a cloud server making it accessible from anywhere,anytime.

Key Features:


Can be accessed from anywhere across the globe.

One app solution

A single app can connect multiple devices.


Does not require any third party app and can run without human intervention.

Cloud based

The device operates entirely based on the cloud server.


The device can be configured as per user requirements very easily.


Does not require any physical intervention for updating firmware.

Smart Display

Provided with a user friendly display to guide and interact with the user.

Vast Memory

Has an innumerably large memory storage.

Easy paper rolls

Easy replaceable paper rolls.


service industry

Service Industry – In service industries often situation occurs where you need to maintain long queues, for example hospitals. This can help to automatically produce tokens and slips against a customer and prevent long queues.

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management –  The device enables the industry to easily and efficiently manage the order and delivery of goods in the complete supply chain process.

restaurant industry

Restaurant Industry – The device can help restaurants in various ways. Like, auto routing of orders directly to the kitchen and direct printing of bills before delivery.

Conventional vs iSlip Cloud Printer


Conventional Printer

iSlip Cloud Printer

Cloud based

Vast memory storage

Globally accessible




Independent of third party application